Know Thyself

We are all capable of evil; a snide comment, a smack with a bat, a beheading with a sword, an attitude of “I am better! Better than them all! Even God.”

Humans have existed for a very long time. Look to history and you will see the terror we can inflict, be it on fellow humans or.. animals. I believe everyone has a deep, deep evil within them, even the kindest folk. I thought I was blameless, I was so wrong, so arrogant, so evil. In realizing that evil within me, I asked “Who am I? Who was I? Who will I be?”

Thing is, answers are really hard to find when they concern your identity and purpose.

How can you truly know yourself?

Best guidance I can give is,

Test yourself.

How do you react to abuse?

Do you hit back or do you forgive?

How do you look at your mistakes and failures?

Do you attack yourself or do you forgive yourself?

Do you apply pressure on yourself and others?

Do you listen to yourself and others?

Do you disregard the criticisms of yourself and others?

Do WE fight amongst ourselves?

If so, why?





Lack of Forgiveness?

Lack of Patience?

Lack of Empathy?

Lack of Calm?

Ask yourself these things and really think about it. In my journey coming through depression, I’ve asked myself these things tons, you may have aswell.

Ask again.



Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

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