Being Ourselves

How can we be ourselves?

“Just be yourself maaaan, chill out.” A voice from the left ear whispers.

“Heh? So I just be myself?” I reply with rolling eyes.

“Well alright. This was a short post, thanks for reading, take care everyo-”

Sorry but.. no. That’s hardly an answer. Firstly, how can we be ourselves if we don’t know ourselves? Let’s get to know ourselves!

I’d recommend taking a personality test but then this post wouldn’t really be a post, but an advertisement for Though… check it out! The results are pretty interesting.

Here’s what I think: To know ourselves we must, above all: be honest.

What are we not so good at? Drawing, handling conflict, cleaning, socialising?

What are we good at? Hmm.. I’d say I’m good at being open-minded. How about you?

Are you good at the things I’m bad at? Such as talking in public? Using makeup?

So.. What do we prefer? Books or movies? Talking or listening? Both?

I like listening.

Do you focus on winning or simply doing your best? Are you hard on yourself like I am or do you treat yourself well and soften the criticisms?

What do we value? Honesty, Justice, Perseverance?

Me? I’m a big honesty kinda guy.

People often ask: Cats or Dogs, but how about Animals or Humans? This may be an easy question or hard question for you, I don’t even have an answer, it’s that hard for me. Maybe I’ll discuss it another time.

How about Animals? Which ones? I’m a big fan of dolphins.

How about Humans? Be Honest. The humans I don’t like the most are the arrogant ones, all talk, no show.

How about you?

Now, being us? How’d we do that?

I’d say by acknowledging the answers to these questions, accepting them and going forward with them in mind: Confident that we are truly being who we are, not who people pressure us to be. Facing the fear and being ourselves anyway.

Ultimately, these things we dislike, value, prefer, excel at: Define us.

Who are we without a crowd? Who are we truly?

This has been another post. A post on Being Ourselves.

Thank you all from the deepest depths of my heart, for listening and learning.

Take Care.



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