Face the fear

To sorta “uneclipse” the post from yesterday, today I’m going to bring the sun back out.

My eyes have opened today (along with the sun). Enough with suppressing my personality, who I am and what I’d like to say.

A life lived with my personality in a cage is not worth living.

I’m actually really happy today because my personality is out and it was a little bit yesterday (evidence is on my instagram stories).

Let me say to you, if you have clicked and are reading this line I’m typing right now, your true self is to be celebrated. Express yourself. Be you.

I’ve spent so much of my young life denying myself to please others. After this sort of “awakening” you may dislike me or like me even more. To that I say, go for it man. Compliment or insult me.

Oh man, I don’t want to end on a serious note so..

did you know that: not only do bees have five eyes, they have two stomachs. One’s for food and the other’s for carrying nectar collected from flowers back to the hive.

-Google Assistant

Cheers for reading,



Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash

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