The Enemies Around Us

“Is it just me?”

I ask myself that question so frequently.
And It continually appears, most likely because I repeatedly struggle to understand the way some people are.

I’m open to understanding them. I want to understand why they are that way and work on forgiving them. But, at times, it can be so, so hard.

The people I’m thinking of are those who have often been my enemies; the condescending, mean, one-sided, nippy, ignorant, accepted ones. And yes- accepted. I envy how their whole lives have been filled with an abundance of acceptance; because they like the popular toxic things, because they’re hateful and judgemental. There’s more of them than there are of people like me, and that often equals unfairness; since majority usually wins, right?

Yet, then there’s the hypocrisy I speak:
Haven’t I been hateful before? I’ve certainly been judgemental. So, are we more alike than I often presume otherwise?
Yes, and that’s why allowances are needed in order for us to be fair and kind. They can be like “us” and we can be like them.

Mutable. Humans; you and I, are more than ‘this’ or ‘that’.

So, we are able to look within ourselves and see that we possess qualities we don’t like, and realise that we are just like those we tend to point at.

I plead with you, and myself, to make a habit of this more: to look within before judging.

Everyone does bad things: we would do well to remember that from a different point of view; we are their enemies too.

Much Love,


Here we are, spilling our thoughts and emotion,
Looking, I realise the necessity.
Sullen rain, rapid feet, pressure.

Here we were, searching the depths;
taking the steps toward meaning.

Looking out far, we see the stars;
they are not, they are not.

Worried, hopeful, brave;
that we are.