Here we are, spilling our thoughts and emotion,
Looking, I realise the necessity.
Sullen rain, rapid feet, pressure.

Here we were, searching the depths;
taking the steps toward meaning.

Looking out far, we see the stars;
they are not, they are not.

Worried, hopeful, brave;
that we are.

More than this

Unable to escape the label, 
Unable to find a place.
The next rejection will be soon;
I will not falter, I may seem dangerous to you
But I know myself, I am a good person.
You have the arrogance to judge me,
Yet lack the humility to see the truth beyond your prejudices.
I am more than a label, just as you are more than a judge.

The End of the World

The Future. The End. The Omega.
It is inevitable, but when?
10 years? 4 thousand? Tommorow? Tonight?
Nobody knows.
If the World ended today, what would we have to say?
Did we do good?


Silently sitting, yet chaos in the mind.
Chaotically running, yet calm in the mind.
How strange we are, with our minds and bodies.
Sometimes thinking, sometimes sitting.
Sometimes running, away from ourselves.


You are Me, I am You. We co-exist, As the Sun and Moon do.
You are You, I am Me. I had risen. You had withdrew.
The existence of Us, the man above, attested to.
Together our duties are carried through.


Sometimes we forget to water our plants.
Sometimes we forget to take a shower.
Sometimes we forget to take a break.
Sometimes we forget that we’re not alone.
Sometimes we forget that everyone else is just like us.
Sometimes we forget that we had to go to the Dentist at 9am.
Sometimes we sleep in.
Sometimes we give up.
Sometimes we avoid, the things that make life colourful and interesting.
But that’s okay.

I stared and realised

I looked at myself in the mirror.
I stared and realised,
I was truly me,
Lewis Sandilands.
But more than a name, a face also,
With emotion .
I’ve always been me.
I had lost it; the knowing of myself.
Knowing  I was the face and emotion before me,
I smiled.

I’m the kind of person who ____

Would rather go to a pub for the elderly than a disco.

Would rather listen to beautiful music rather than motivational music.

Dresses like they’re poor.

Pursues authenticity at every chance.

Imagines terrible scenarios that end up not happening.

Is their own enemy

Denies they have a ginger beard.

Prioritises escapism.

Thinks more, does less.

Is intrigued by the duality of Good and Evil.

Feels happier in the presence of animals.

Feels alone in the presence of others.

Questions everything.

Never stops thinking.

Is deeply emotional.

Avoids looking in the mirror.

Loves crying.

Deflects compliments (mostly)

Is obsessed with chasing perfection.

Thinks perfection is achievable, yet also thinks it is not.

Reads half a book then waits 2 months to read it again.

Full of excuses.

Is loved.

Is hard on himself and easy on others.

Wanted to get married at 5 years old

Smiles with warmth.

Misses chances.


Wins sometimes.

Has low energy levels.

Hates being controlled.

Wishes they could fix everything.

Feels responsible for things he isn’t responsible for.

Is called Lewis Sandilands

Is taller than he was,

Smarter than he was,

More than he was.

This was quite therapeutic.

Thanks for reading, God Bless.



Photo by Ben Sweet on Unsplash