The Enemies Around Us

“Is it just me?”

I ask myself that question so frequently.
And It continually appears, most likely because I repeatedly struggle to understand the way some people are.

I’m open to understanding them. I want to understand why they are that way and work on forgiving them. But, at times, it can be so, so hard.

The people I’m thinking of are those who have often been my enemies; the condescending, mean, one-sided, nippy, ignorant, accepted ones. And yes- accepted. I envy how their whole lives have been filled with an abundance of acceptance; because they like the popular toxic things, because they’re hateful and judgemental. There’s more of them than there are of people like me, and that often equals unfairness; since majority usually wins, right?

Yet, then there’s the hypocrisy I speak:
Haven’t I been hateful before? I’ve certainly been judgemental. So, are we more alike than I often presume otherwise?
Yes, and that’s why allowances are needed in order for us to be fair and kind. They can be like “us” and we can be like them.

Mutable. Humans; you and I, are more than ‘this’ or ‘that’.

So, we are able to look within ourselves and see that we possess qualities we don’t like, and realise that we are just like those we tend to point at.

I plead with you, and myself, to make a habit of this more: to look within before judging.

Everyone does bad things: we would do well to remember that from a different point of view; we are their enemies too.

Much Love,

Anger in the front seat

I thought about it this morning: How anger controls the person using it.

Throughout history, many have attempted to harness anger, yet they always fail. Anger is uncontrollable when you get to the upper echelons of anger. The arrogance involved in trying to harness anger is generated by a fatalistic choice for the easiest solution; push my way through. Those that lead with anger may be feel empowered by the anger they release, drawing from it as a source of presentable confidence. Though, when they cannot control it, it reveals its true nature, turning on the wielder. How do we engage using anger? By choosing to. If we do not choose to use anger then how can it ever be our enemy? Though, it will, despite our decisions. Everyone who exists, exhibits anger, therefore everyone at one point or another is conquered by it.

In my own experience I have used anger often as a child to control my environment. Not getting what I want? Anger. Not winning? Anger. Being unable to accept criticism? Anger. My point is, when anger is your answer to an issue; You do not resolve it. You only bring anger into the issue, possibly firing up the issue into an even bigger one. At times, anger feels as if it can work, but in my opinion; it is an illusion.

Fighting wars for example, what ALWAYS happens? PTSD and Guilt. To kill another is to harm yourself. If people were always viewed as people within wars, armies wouldn’t exist and neither would the wars.