We’ve all failed but that’s alright.

A lot of people experience loneliness in my generation, and it’s ironic because we don’t need to send letters that take ages to arrive any-more. Objectively, we can be pretty lazy, but that doesn’t mean we’re all failures in this generation. Truly, every generation has failed in some way, sometimes through ignorance, sometimes hate and bigotry. We’ve all done bad things. From the beginning of time we’ve all failed in many ways. We’ve failed to realise our dreams, aspirations, expectations… we’ve all failed miserably.
That’s a sort of motivation: Everyone who has ever existed, has failed. We’ve all failed our families and friends, we’ve lacked the things we needed to succeed, but then gained them through failure. That is a point; how are we to truly learn, if we never reflect on our mistakes? We have so much in common with the people of the past. Sure, some folks in the past have been horrible but that just shows us that we’re not the first to mess up and be horrible.

Just imagine the scene of every possible death of the past 2000 years… what have we all done? We have all, done all. We have died hating each other and also loving each other. We have died to ourselves, our morals and values. Sometimes we reassess ourselves after it happens but sometimes we don’t; sometimes we arrogantly believe that we are in the right. That is humanity’s greatest enemy. We must practice self reflection and repentance if we are to improve on the past. Think about it, what if you lived your whole life, were about to draw that last breath and then…you realise; I was wrong. How could I have done that? How could I act that way? Is that me? What was I doing?? Peace in death is hard to come by, peace after death is a guarantee if you’re going to heaven and not hell. To get there, you believe in Jesus. I encourage you to do that. Peace right before death is a rarity and I don’t think we can prevent that. We should learn to accept that. To chase control is a fools attempt at peace. In conclusion I’d like to say: Acceptance and understanding lead to peace, not control.

Thanks for reading,

Written Prayer #1

Sixth of January, Two Thousand and Twenty

Father, I open this prayer with thanks for your guidance and assurance.

When I worry and feel that the world is ending again – you come through and calm me down. As I sit here I recall the times I have let you down and with those times in mind – I am sorry Father. Thank you for your mercy on me and the entire human race. We behave so poorly with our little evil hearts. In my opinion, you should destroy us for we don’t deserve anything you give us. I am happy to die whenever you may will it- if it’s in 60 years; I will live till then. If it’s tommorow; I will breathe till then.

For now, be with me, be with me as I read your words; as I read your story. Praise God, for we are here despite our faults.

I have been given a second chance, so please: help me to live the life you have prepared for me. Amen.

Thank you for reading,