Hi there, been a while

I haven’t posted since January so I thought I’d give a wee update.

I’m doing okay, corona lockdown has been going on in the UK for a bit and I’ve been using that time to spend time with friends and write stuff offline. Read books too. I’m reading through Ephesians in the Bible again and I read 1984 by George Orwell recently, I’m now on to Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Marukami. Practicing Keyboard has went well, I learned quite a few songs and I’m getting more natural at pressing keys. My animals have been alright, my little dog was very quiet for a few days and we we’re kinda worried about him. He seems to be back to his normal self. For the first time during the Covid Lockdown I’m going outside for a walk with the dogs. It’s sunny today so it’ll be a decent jaunt; hopefully no mud.

So I’ve not posted in a while and I’d just like to say I’m still continuing stuff on here, I was taking a break from trying to do so many things at once. Don’t think I’ll make any new videos on Youtube for a while now, lost the liking for it. I prefer writing. Oh and I begun a new story, it doesn’t have a name yet but it’s inspired by the lamp post outside my window and that’s all I’ll say.

Been nice to do a little update, thanks for reading and God be with you all.


Written Prayer #1

Sixth of January, Two Thousand and Twenty

Father, I open this prayer with thanks for your guidance and assurance.

When I worry and feel that the world is ending again – you come through and calm me down. As I sit here I recall the times I have let you down and with those times in mind – I am sorry Father. Thank you for your mercy on me and the entire human race. We behave so poorly with our little evil hearts. In my opinion, you should destroy us for we don’t deserve anything you give us. I am happy to die whenever you may will it- if it’s in 60 years; I will live till then. If it’s tommorow; I will breathe till then.

For now, be with me, be with me as I read your words; as I read your story. Praise God, for we are here despite our faults.

I have been given a second chance, so please: help me to live the life you have prepared for me. Amen.

Thank you for reading,