I/We can’t do it alone

I can’t do it alone. Live, that is. I need God and I need people. I need advice and I need kind words. I need things outwith myself, and that’s hard for me to accept at times. I wish away alot of things, that I didn’t need to eat to survive; that I didn’t have to experience hot and cold weather; or dry mouths and mucuos’y windpipes. Yet wishful thinking does nothing. Your thoughts can change you, but your thoughts alone cannot change reality. If thoughts alone could do, then we wouldn’t have books or schools. We spend pretty much all of our lives learning how to keep information in our brains and then figuring out how to get it back out, onto paper.

Not just I, but WE cannot do it alone. I’ve watched tons of films and shows and one of the most common plot points involves someone trying to do everything on their own. Through a survivor of the zombie apocalypse or as a single mum.

We need help. We all need help. To deny that is to neglect ourselves.


There was a robot, a robot who in some ways was beautiful and in other ways, not so much. He wore nothing but his reflective white coating, reminicent of the shiny shell of an egg. He was alone for a very long time. The robot wanted to give up, he struggled to see positives in himself.

One day he met a man, a human. Though this man was not all skin and bones, he possessed a mechanical heart and left arm. He wore clothes as humans did. The Stylish jeans and baggy jumper hid his own reflective coating on his mechanical arm, yet his was black. In contrast to his African American skin tone he looked a little odd… as the shade of black was darker than his human skin. He seemed friendly, yet rough and battered by life.

The robot’s processors ran at full speed but to no avail. He couldn’t figure out if this man was friendly, so he backed away and avoided eye contact.